5 Top Tips for finding a job on Craigslist.org and/or Kijiji.org

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Tips for finding a job on Craigslist.org and/or Kijiji.org

 1. Widen your geographic search area to consider other areas outside your city limits and consider contract and telecommuting roles ie – you live in Oakville – check also Brantford/London

2. Post your resume for FREE – just keep any major identifies general

3. Try looking for part time jobs, or gigs

4. Write a good cover email and say why you are a good fit for the role, be specific.

5. Keep a copy of jobs you apply for so when you get a response, you are able to refer back, and when you do get a response, connect with the person on LinkedIN and/or any follow any industry blog they may have to hear of future roles that may be similar.


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  1. I must say this blog is really up to date as it addresses very latest changes like

    1.Employers search Linkedin,Facebook to know about the new recruits
    2.Posing resume for free On KIJIJI/craiglist is also a new thing to learn.
    3.Email id with your name is also very important
    4.Solid handshakes
    5.and on top of it be honest.

    I recommend this blog

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