OMG I’ve been Fired…now what?

Fired, now what?

Now what? You’ve been…Gasp…Fired. Don’t panic, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, believe it or not.

Chances are, you saw it coming, or at least had some inkling of it. (If not, email me, we’ll talk off line)
so hopefully you were at least able to prepare your resume before hand. It’s surprisingly much easier to complete a resume when you are gainfully employed. Take note, if you feel it might be coming, ramp up that cv.

Take this as an opportunity to find a role where you are happier, perhaps closer to home to cut on the commute. Either a bigger or smaller environment, really take stock at what would make you happy in your next job and keep in mind for your search. to deal with topic of being Fired in a job interview. With the economy the way it’s been lately, you are not the only person who’s been let go from a company the HR person has met, so let’s start there. If you can explain the situation that will help. For example, was a whole department outsourced? If so, don’t consider yourself “fired” consider yourself outsourced. When more then one person has been let go, make sure to mention in the interview if probed about why you left. Specifically if you were on the 2nd or 3rd round of people to go.

If you were the only one let go, this makes it trickier. The best way to approach is never to bad mouth your former employer, nor anyone you worked with. Tell the interviewer that it was not the role for you, and when discussed with your boss, it was determined that you would be better off finding a role that better suited you. If you can find someone who can provide a business reference from the company you were fired from that can help. It can be someone who worked with you, or someone you serviced, or a client. Mentioned to the interviewer you have such a referral to put their mind at ease.


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  1. Stephen(steve) Bajada

    Yes the market is funny right now. What I do to plan for the worst and hope for the best is to always keep a list of recruiting companies on a distribution list as well as a list of supportive contacts I had in the past. I keep my resume always up todate from project to project and have a number of different resume’s that represent my different skills that are marketable for example. I am an ITIL certified Trainer, Consultant and Implementor. Depending on the opportunity I have a resume that supports all of them together or separately depending on the opporunity that makes itself known.

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