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Hiring ASAP Then why does it take so long to land that job

A colleague looking for work, recently asked me why most companies say they are hiring ASAP, however it still takes a month to really get things going. 

The time of year you are searching for a job, does make a huge difference.  If you are searching now, the fall, it’s a great time. If you found interviews and resume call backs were slow and weeks between in the summer, you’ll notice things move much quicker in the fall. There are a few reasons for that. The most important one, is people are back from vacation. Even if they didn’t leave and physically go on a vacation, people tend to relax more during the “dog day” months of July and August.

Reasons jobs and your resume tend to take so long these days to move through the process:

1. Hiring Managers interview schedules – if they can only cram one interview a day, it tends to extend the process

2. Candidates also have busy schedules, so trying to make a good match here can take a few days at best.

3. Scheduling second and third interviews are more common these days, to help create buy in, so again, double or triple the time of the process.

4. Checking references – sometimes even before the job is offered – people are busy so tracking down referrals can add days if not a week.  Make sure you contact your references always before they are about to be contacted to give them the heads up. Otherwise the contact could end up lost in their vm or junk folder.

Some companies will do criminal history checks, or credit checks on applications for jobs. A criminal check tends to take 24-48 hours, if there is a “name match” a full RCMP check can take up to a month.  You will know this is being done.

5.  As the interviews progress, the job sometimes changes – this could mean that it needs new “approval” from the powers above, taking from a day to two weeks.  Or it could need to be reposted internally, and be allowed to “run” for five to ten days to collect internal resumes.

These are just a reasons the interview “process” can take up to a month, even when they are hiring ASAP!

The good news is, if they took a month to hire you, you should be able to squeeze a week or two of vacation before you start. It allows you to apply to a few other roles so you have the pick of the litter of jobs when offer time finally rolls in.

If you have encountered any delays in your interview process, please comment.


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