55K Tech job = Market Tanking ?

Technology jobs tanking?

Someone emailed me to say they had seen a Microsoft Developer job posted for 55K, and wanted to know if the market was tanking.  The short answer is no.

Job salaries are highly related to skills and experience as they relate to the job.  Not all jobs require an expert, but perhaps more of an intermediate level skill set, or a person to compliment an already existing team.  

If you see a job where the salary is 10-25K lower then what you’d potentially like to see, don’t be afraid to apply, and simply state what range you are looking for in your application or cover letter. Chances are, if you have the industry experience they are looking for you may be able to secure a higher salary then is posted.   Job posting are the hiring managers wish list.  If you can exceed that list, there is a good chance they could still consider you.

If the company is adamant they are only hiring intermediate,  and you are really interested in working there, try to refer a colleague who may be up and coming.  Once the colleague lands the job, they can scout out for more senior level roles and like I say “keep a seat warm for you”.


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