What does the new Ontario premier need to do about jobs to get your vote?

Jobs seems to be a hot topic these days, certainly with the Ontario election coming up.   The candidates need to take positive steps in helping Ontarian‘s get jobs.  Canada‘s unemployment rate was 7.6% last month and Ontario’s was above the national average at 8.7%. 

To give a quick snap shot around the world

The USA is holding around 9.1%.  

Greece – 16.8%

Spain – 20% (esh, no wonder the stock market is dancing)

Germany – 7% and steadily declining since 2009

Declining you say?  Let’s bring that to Ontario! 

One idea the German government endorses, is rather than cutting jobs, the companies cut hours.  Imagine that, working 5 hours less a week. Getting to go home one hour early every single day….hmmm, not sounding so bad.  This would also add some much needed flexibility to our working families!  Good idea, we like it.  Rolled out an an optional program would be the way to go.

The other idea I heard a UK economist mention the other day was how the Government in Germany is much better at matching it’s school graduate programs, to what companies actually need. This sounds like a great idea to me.  I graduated in a Chemistry program from Humber College in 98, to find a really sad number of jobs out there. Luckily I found recruiting!!!  Humber only cancelled this program with in the last 2 years – finally realizing their grads were not getting jobs in their field.  That’s a lot of grads! that could have been focused more in what our province needs now from trades, technology, and environmental jobs.

Now is the time to speak up to the candidates on your unemployment in Ontario concerns and ideas.


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