Help Wanted – MUST BE currently employed

The past four days our family was vacationing at Turkey Point, with no cable. We were only able to see about 4 channels, and they were all USA based programming. There was a program on that definitely caught my attention, about hiring in the US.

Does the title of this post seem a little out of line? Luckily for us here in Canada, we are not used to seeing this, however this has become an alarming trend in the USA;  job ads posting a requirement that applicants need to be currently employed.

With the economy the way it’s been people can be let go/laid off/fired/downsized/outsourced for many reasons, many through no fault of their own.   Often people  already working, require 2-4 weeks notice, get counter-offers and can demand benefits start day one.  There are just a few plus points where considering someone who can start right away.  The unemployed candiate doesn’t mind if their benefits kick in after their probationary period is successfully complete and may have had time to brush up on some key skills.

 Another consideration – let’s say a company hires someone “away” from their current job, and then it doesn’t work out. The new employer, could be liable for the candiates future earnings.  If the candidate was not employed at the time of the hire, this becomes a moot point.

With all the background checks, references, criminal history, credit checks and DeepWeb searches employers are able to do, it seems silly to make a mandatory requirement, you must be currently employed to ensure you are hiring a “good worker” . 



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