Is someone doing a DeepWeb search on you right now?

There is so much information on the Internet, and it’s only growing daily.  Facebook boasts that it gets 200 Million pictures posted per day.  YouTube gets over a Billion hits a day.  So just what is a “DeepWeb” search, and are employers doing this kind of search on you?  The DeepWeb is data that is not easily accessed by common search engines, however it still exists on the Internet.  There are a number of DeepWeb portals able to access these under currents of the Internet ocean, such as DeepPeep, DeepWebTech and IncyWincy.  Are employers using these deep searches?  You don’t have too much to worry about the DeepWeb searches at this point in time but things on the Internet change quick.

Some employers ARE doing are regular web searches about you.  Google, LinkedIN and Facebook and any Blogs you write would be the most common places checked.  Make sure your public profile is something you would not mind representing you in a job search.  You may never even know someone checked your on line reputation and it was the reason you didn’t get the job!

Oh no, too late…What to do if you’ve already posted things out there, that in hind sight shouldn’t have been posted?  There are companies that will “erase” your digital footprint, and let you get a fresh start.  Some can be fairly inexpensive, so might be worth checking into if you are concerned.   ReputationDefender is one I’ve heard of.  You can go to their website and type in your name and they give you a 3 point rating scale on how concerned you should be of your on line reputation.

Presenting yourself professionally is a must in a job search and now that includes online.










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