How do you stay motivated when looking for a job?

How to keep a positive attitude during a job search

Hunting for a job, interviewing, getting turned down – over all changing jobs is usually not a comfortable experience for most people. So how do you keep calm and carry on when you are feeling discouraged?  There are a number of things you can do to help.

Make sure you are doing something every day to move your job search to the next step, set out a specific time of day to spend searching postings, doing research and sending in applications.  Knowing you are doing something every day, will help you feel better about things.

Network with colleagues you enjoyed working with, ask them if they can send your resume in to HR.  Dealing with positive people who enjoyed working with you will be a mood booster.

Ensure you are applying for jobs you are actually qualified for, to set a reasonable expectation for yourself.  Check the requirements, do you have them?   They must be in your resume or likely you wont’ hear back.

Are you applying to jobs in your industry?  Make a list of companies in similar industries you’ve worked, keep an excel spreadsheet. Be methodical about researching them and applying. Check LinkedIN to see if you have a contact there.

Ask for feedback on interviews you have attended. Most people don’t like to give negative feedback, so you can ask them if they can tell you one thing you could improve on for next time, you may get some insight.

Take some time to read something funny, even 5 minutes a day, just to keep a smile on your face.   Dilbert or the Far Side might be good for a work related laugh.

Get 20-30 minutes of exercise a day, guaranteed to be mood elevator.

Take a course or some training to help you feel you are doing something to secure that new role with your new skills.


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