Your handshake and what it says about you.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make that a professional one and better your chances at landing that great job you are interviewing for.

An interviewer will take an immediate note of your attire, and then comes the handshake. The handshake can really set the tone for the interview.  The handshake should be firm, with two shakes, and can really tell a lot about you.  Are you confident? It should show in your shake.

Be sure to look the person in the eye when you are shaking their hand, use their name and say something simple like:

“Hi (use interviewers name),  thank you for taking time in your day to meet with me today”


There are a few DO NOT’s in handshaking etiquette and I’ll mention the most important three.

1. The limp shake – Make sure you actually use a firm grip

2. The wet/slippery shake – If you have this problem, try using a product Drysol the night before on the palms of your hands. I knew someone who used to have to do that before they went golfing or talk about yelling “FORE”

3. Being sick and still wanting to shake someone’s hand. If you are not feeling well, or have been recently ill, interviewers will very much appreciate you being honest, and forgoing the shake.



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  1. A very useful article. Handshake is important to show confidence to the interviewer.

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