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Where the jobs are

Try going to LinkedIN Groups to find jobs

Using social media tools to find a job these days is something you must have in your job search tool kit.

LinkedIn has a great feature called LinkedIn Groups. They are great places to network and look for a job. There is a job posting page on most groups you can look through. A good idea for networking, is answer questions, post questions, comment, be a real contributing group member, and you never know where it can take you.

Click here to go to LinkedIn to get started on searching groups now!


Did I ever tell you about that time in high school I stole a car…

Employers are checking backgrounds, what will they find in yours?

This is not the conversation you want to be having with any future employer at reference checking stage.
Joyriding, borrowed from your dad just for fun, teenage stuff, what ever you want to call it, it shows up as Grand Theft Auto on your criminal history report. Anything on your criminal record will show up in a criminal history check. That bar fight in college, the DUI on the way home from hockey when you really just had a few, shoplifting a lipstick from the mall, all of it will be in print for your future employer to see.

A good idea if you have anything in your background that you are not wanting employers to see, you will need to apply for a pardon. There is no reason not to get a pardon if you have paid your retribution and sufficient time has passed. It’s a process that can be long and stressful, but it’s worth it in the end.
Don’t bother paying a firm to help you out, they just collect the fee and you still end up having to do all the work, filling out lots of paperwork. Make sure you follow each step and do everything you need to do, if you miss something, you won’t be able to apply again for a number of years. So that 15 hour trip up to Thunder Bay and back to collect documents about a “scuffle” during a visit to a buddy in University isn’t in vain. It’s worth it to spend the extra efforts following the process.

It’s best not to get in to a situation where you have a record, but in people’s past things happen and they learn from them. Take the initiative to learn it’s time to tackle it and get it behind you.

A good place to start is here, at the government of Canada website.

Multiple Resumes

Why you should have multiple resumes.

Having multiple versions of your resume can help make sure you are targeting the right resume, with the right job application.

Make sure your objective matches the role you are applying for, this is often one of the first things employers review on the resume.

Read the job description line by line and put in your resume where you have had the experience, make sure to mention what your role was on the team/project.

Be sure you don’t change the dates of employment, only the related type of work accomplished.

Review your Key Skills section to ensure the skills highlighted are the skills mentioned in the job description.

Don’t be afraid to have a complimentary document to your resume, detailing and outlining projects in more detail, and have available if an employer is interested.

The Visual Resume

A Visual Resume can be a unique way of presenting your resume.

With the popularity of MS Project and Powerpoint charts and graphs it’s no surprise there is now also a visual resume. Is it time to ditch that old standard resume? Probably not.  Keeping a standard chronological resume is still your best bet, but if you are applying to a job where creativity counts, try creating a visual resume.  If someone who was applying for a role that was in the creative space, and they gave me this visual resume in addition to their regular resume that would be plus points.  You can play with colours, using company logo colours for your time there, and gives a real snap shot overview of your career.

Check this site to help build a visual resume. It’s free fun and easy. It pulls your information from LinkedIN so you really don’t have to do much to see how your resume would vizulize.

5 Tips for your Best Phone Interview Ever

Don't be afraid of the phone interview

Let’s face it, the phone interview has become much more common these days, so how do you deal with one?

1. Being prepared is the key, have a copy of your resume as well as the job description in front of you.

2. A quiet environment is a must, where you can concentrate and hear the interviewers questions clearly.

3. A distraction free environment, turn of your computer, your mobile devices, the radio anything in the background that could interfere. This includes any family members or pets if you are taking the call from home. Go out side, or sit in the car if you have to.


4. Put a smile on your face, even if you have to force it. The smile will come through on the other end of the phone =)

5. Try standing up, you’ll feel more confident in your answers.

I’ve been rejected from the last 3 job interviews

How to deal with Job Rejection

Getting rejected after finally securing a job interview is never anyone’s idea of a good time. So close you can taste it, picture yourself walking in every day… then it’s gone. What happened?

If you have had what you felt was a good interview, chances are you were a serious consideration for the job. Keep in touch with the people you met with, connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media outlets (make sure the method you chose you are comfortable with sharing with future employers)  Ask if you can be kept on file for future openings, ask if there is anything coming up so you know to keep it on your radar. Join their companies social networking sites to keep up on new opportunities.

Follow up with an email once you find out you didn’t get the job, to thank the interviewer for their time, and ask for one thing you could improve on. You may be able to solicit some constructive feedback. Find out if there is any training that could make a difference should you apply in future.

Check your “interview outfit”. Does it match the environments you are interviewing in? Have you put the finishing touches on – shined the shoes, fresh haircut, etc.

If you haven’t updated the style of your resume in the last 3 years, polish it up. Start from scratch using copies of old job descriptions (if you can find them), really start to figure out your success’, complicated projects, conflicts you overcame, goals accomplished, so when you are in the interview you are able to present yourself at your best.

Must Have: The right Active words in your resume

Using the right words spell success in your resume

When employers look at your resume, we are going to assume that if you put it in your resume, you are good at it. When words like rapidly and easily come up before your tasks they don’t tend to have the same impact as words like Spearheaded or Fulfilled. Take a look through your resume and make sure you are using the right “active” words. You want to make sure you tell future employers what you actually did, and how you made a specific impact in the right way.

If you check my Delicious Bookmarks towards the bottom left of the blog page you’ll find a bookmark for 100 Great Resume Words that can help breath new life in to your resume. I am currently building a Delicious Stack on great resume words to use, so check back soon.

Going back to work for a former employer…is it an option?

Does going back to work for a former employer sound like a good idea?

I think a lot of people had Steve Jobs on their mind today, with his passing yesterday at 56.   It made me think about how going back to work for an old employer can really work out well.  I’ve seen a few people leave and then come back years later to an organization and usually it works out. It’s familiar territory and you are able to bring with you lessons learned.  Colleagues and clients you’ve worked with are happy to see a familiar face. 

If you are in the market for a new job, look back at places you may have worked before and left on a positive note.  Contact your old bosses, or check LinkedIN to see who`s still around.  See if the company you used to work for has merged with another, there could be an opportunity.
If you left a company on good terms it should be an option to go back and see where it takes you.  Also a plus –  it looks good on the resume since it shows that one of your former employers would rehire you.

Are you Winterizing your resume?

If you live in Canada or in the Northern USA this is what you are going to be looking at in a few short weeks, unless all that changing of color on the trees is due to heat stress this summer…winters is coming.

Winterize your resume? It’s all about Location, Location, Location. There is a 100% chance of snow this winter. Your face is freezing cold, the car is covered, footware is questionable and now you have to drive in this snowmans land for an hour? Let’s face it, working close to home is preferred. When you are in your job search, think seriously about your commute to work. Finding on companies/industries that are in your geographic proximity I think is one of the keys to happiness in life.

Find out if the company you are interviewing with offers work from home, VPN (Sometimes known as Citrix) or RAS token log in so you can work from the comfort of your living room. Not just 5-10 pm, but real working from home days.

Check the location and drive to work on to get a realistic view of the drive. See if taking transit is a realistic alternative – with schedules/fees/parking.

Canucks Keep in mind where you work is this coming season is going to be weather permitting.

I don’t know who to vote for….HELP

"vote compass"

Who to vote for job creation in Ontario?

Not sure who to vote for?  Want to make sure job creation is a top priority for the next government?

Try going to and take a quiz of 30 questions to tell you what party is most likely to match.

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