Are you Winterizing your resume?

If you live in Canada or in the Northern USA this is what you are going to be looking at in a few short weeks, unless all that changing of color on the trees is due to heat stress this summer…winters is coming.

Winterize your resume? It’s all about Location, Location, Location. There is a 100% chance of snow this winter. Your face is freezing cold, the car is covered, footware is questionable and now you have to drive in this snowmans land for an hour? Let’s face it, working close to home is preferred. When you are in your job search, think seriously about your commute to work. Finding on companies/industries that are in your geographic proximity I think is one of the keys to happiness in life.

Find out if the company you are interviewing with offers work from home, VPN (Sometimes known as Citrix) or RAS token log in so you can work from the comfort of your living room. Not just 5-10 pm, but real working from home days.

Check the location and drive to work on to get a realistic view of the drive. See if taking transit is a realistic alternative – with schedules/fees/parking.

Canucks Keep in mind where you work is this coming season is going to be weather permitting.


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