Going back to work for a former employer…is it an option?

Does going back to work for a former employer sound like a good idea?

I think a lot of people had Steve Jobs on their mind today, with his passing yesterday at 56.   It made me think about how going back to work for an old employer can really work out well.  I’ve seen a few people leave and then come back years later to an organization and usually it works out. It’s familiar territory and you are able to bring with you lessons learned.  Colleagues and clients you’ve worked with are happy to see a familiar face. 

If you are in the market for a new job, look back at places you may have worked before and left on a positive note.  Contact your old bosses, or check LinkedIN to see who`s still around.  See if the company you used to work for has merged with another, there could be an opportunity.
If you left a company on good terms it should be an option to go back and see where it takes you.  Also a plus –  it looks good on the resume since it shows that one of your former employers would rehire you.

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