I’ve been rejected from the last 3 job interviews

How to deal with Job Rejection

Getting rejected after finally securing a job interview is never anyone’s idea of a good time. So close you can taste it, picture yourself walking in every day… then it’s gone. What happened?

If you have had what you felt was a good interview, chances are you were a serious consideration for the job. Keep in touch with the people you met with, connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media outlets (make sure the method you chose you are comfortable with sharing with future employers)  Ask if you can be kept on file for future openings, ask if there is anything coming up so you know to keep it on your radar. Join their companies social networking sites to keep up on new opportunities.

Follow up with an email once you find out you didn’t get the job, to thank the interviewer for their time, and ask for one thing you could improve on. You may be able to solicit some constructive feedback. Find out if there is any training that could make a difference should you apply in future.

Check your “interview outfit”. Does it match the environments you are interviewing in? Have you put the finishing touches on – shined the shoes, fresh haircut, etc.

If you haven’t updated the style of your resume in the last 3 years, polish it up. Start from scratch using copies of old job descriptions (if you can find them), really start to figure out your success’, complicated projects, conflicts you overcame, goals accomplished, so when you are in the interview you are able to present yourself at your best.


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