The Visual Resume

A Visual Resume can be a unique way of presenting your resume.

With the popularity of MS Project and Powerpoint charts and graphs it’s no surprise there is now also a visual resume. Is it time to ditch that old standard resume? Probably not.  Keeping a standard chronological resume is still your best bet, but if you are applying to a job where creativity counts, try creating a visual resume.  If someone who was applying for a role that was in the creative space, and they gave me this visual resume in addition to their regular resume that would be plus points.  You can play with colours, using company logo colours for your time there, and gives a real snap shot overview of your career.

Check this site to help build a visual resume. It’s free fun and easy. It pulls your information from LinkedIN so you really don’t have to do much to see how your resume would vizulize.


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  1. Infographic resumes are great! There are many choices and I prefer as there are more options and the output looks more professional than other alternatives. Check it out.

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