Did I ever tell you about that time in high school I stole a car…

Employers are checking backgrounds, what will they find in yours?

This is not the conversation you want to be having with any future employer at reference checking stage.
Joyriding, borrowed from your dad just for fun, teenage stuff, what ever you want to call it, it shows up as Grand Theft Auto on your criminal history report. Anything on your criminal record will show up in a criminal history check. That bar fight in college, the DUI on the way home from hockey when you really just had a few, shoplifting a lipstick from the mall, all of it will be in print for your future employer to see.

A good idea if you have anything in your background that you are not wanting employers to see, you will need to apply for a pardon. There is no reason not to get a pardon if you have paid your retribution and sufficient time has passed. It’s a process that can be long and stressful, but it’s worth it in the end.
Don’t bother paying a firm to help you out, they just collect the fee and you still end up having to do all the work, filling out lots of paperwork. Make sure you follow each step and do everything you need to do, if you miss something, you won’t be able to apply again for a number of years. So that 15 hour trip up to Thunder Bay and back to collect documents about a “scuffle” during a visit to a buddy in University isn’t in vain. It’s worth it to spend the extra efforts following the process.

It’s best not to get in to a situation where you have a record, but in people’s past things happen and they learn from them. Take the initiative to learn it’s time to tackle it and get it behind you.

A good place to start is here, at the government of Canada website.



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