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Strategy in applying to companies applicant tracking systems online? You Betcha!

Getting your resume actually viewed after you enter it to an applicant tracking system you say?

When you are sending your resume in to a companies on-line application system, commonly known at an ATS (applicant tracking system) there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Depending on what type of job you are applying for, for example customer service, there may be 200-300 resumes that come in. For a student coop role I have seen north of 700 applications, for one position. So, how do you get your resume noticed in that massive pile?

The first thing you want to do is make sure your key skills to the job, are located in your resume, and listed in the jobs where you had this experience. After you tailor your resume to the role, and apply, now it’s time to get the resume to surface from that ATS aka “the black hole”. Go on LinkedIn and see if you might have any colleagues or 2nd connections that might put you in touch with someone from the company. Or, you can even search out the recruiter/talent specialist/HR and request a connection – mentioning that you have applied for X role, and a few reasons you are a great candidate and should be considered. Consider it your Virtual Elevator Pitch. Most people don’t do this extra work, so if you go the extra mile, you have a much better chance in floating to the top of the resume pile.


Is your Halitosis standing in the way of your new job?


Halitosis AKA Bad Breath. It comes in many forms, coffee, cigarette, onion, curry … and none of them good. Consider sitting in a small interview room for 45 minutes, then consider taking a few seconds before your interview to pop in a mint of some sort. Please, don’t chew gum in to the interview what ever you do. If nerves get the best of you and forgetting to dispose of the gum don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer if you can dispose of your gum, and apologize. The best chance of not having to worry about this, buy mints, not gum. Also fresh breath sprays work well. Travel bottles of mouthwash you can find, and fit easily in a pocket or laptop bag.  A smile says alot about you, so keep it Fresh.

Fall Back and get an extra hour of sleep tonight!

Does your job search include the Invisible Web?

Adding Deep Web Searching to your job search technique opens a whole ocean of opportunity!

In your job search, you should try different methods to find different types of employment opportunities.

Using well-known search engines like Google or Yahoo will only get you a small portion of information available on the Internet and doesn’t dive in to the deep web.  All the information on the Internet is not easily caught in the first cast, but can be found using Invisible Web Gateways. These gateways allow you to search the cloaked internet, and troll for jobs other may not be able to find.  For example, jobs posted on a companies webpage, but not to Monster or Workpolis.

Happy Deep Diving!

This really neat graphic is from where you can find out more about Invisible Web Gateways and much more.

Should I not have dressed up as the Happy Hooker for work yesterday…


Let’s go with a resounding NO.  The workplace is considered to be a professional environment, and is not the place for racy or risky costumes.  Should your environment allow or even promote costumes, try to stay on the conservative side.  Wearing something token Halloween is also an option, an orange shirt, pumpkin earrings or costume hat/other accessories.

If you are really feeling the festive spirit, celebrate with friends outside of work, and make sure to keep those risky pics off of Facebook if you have an open profile!