Is your Halitosis standing in the way of your new job?


Halitosis AKA Bad Breath. It comes in many forms, coffee, cigarette, onion, curry … and none of them good. Consider sitting in a small interview room for 45 minutes, then consider taking a few seconds before your interview to pop in a mint of some sort. Please, don’t chew gum in to the interview what ever you do. If nerves get the best of you and forgetting to dispose of the gum don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer if you can dispose of your gum, and apologize. The best chance of not having to worry about this, buy mints, not gum. Also fresh breath sprays work well. Travel bottles of mouthwash you can find, and fit easily in a pocket or laptop bag.  A smile says alot about you, so keep it Fresh.


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