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Is now really a good time of year to be looking for a job?

It's a tricky time of year, but jobs are still out there.

Now may seem like a tricky time of year, and you are right, it is. The good news, is that jobs are still moving, and as long as there are still people in the office/company you are applying to, they are doing their best to move things forward. After the initial rush of the holidays, and as they creep closer and closer, people may find time to get a bit extra done, such as following up on resumes and finishing up 2nd or 3rd interviews.

Chances are you will start in the New Year at this point if you have not yet secured employment, but stay active in your job search, things are happening out there. Don’t be afraid to follow up and let employers know your Holiday schedule and your availability for interviews.

If you are not one of the lucky ones to secure a signed offer letter before the Holiday break, January is one of the best time for job hunting, so make sure you polish up the resume and interview outfit to hit the New Year in Style!


How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

Rules for the Holiday Work Party

Is’s coming quick, the office holiday party. This is a time of year to be merry, feel festive but let’s not over do it at your WORK holiday party. What ever time of day you will be celebrating with your workmates, don’t forget – this is a work function. It’s not like Vegas, what you do at the office party, can easily be the hot topic around the water cooler come Monday morning. Think in advance, set a 2 drink max. If you really feel the need to have more, go home and have one on the couch winding down, or hit another venue sans the co-workers. Drink water in between drinks, be sure to eat and have an escape plan pre-planned incase things start to get a little too festive.

With Facebook, Twitter, Office IM – good gossip spreads quick, so don’t make yourself the center of any this year!