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Help, I’ve been Internet Scammed

Everything is done on-line now, but it doesn’t mean that every site or every person out there is trustworthy. Before you send any of your personal information, or money, be sure you know who you are dealing with on the other side. Take a few minutes to do the following and it can save you lots of heartache down the road.

1. Google the name/company of the person you are dealing with – Do an Internet search with their name or company name and write the word Scam in to see if anything comes up.  Google any phone numbers, adresses, see if it all makes sense.

2 If a person is reputable, you should be able to find a complete business profile on LinkedIN or even Facebook. Don’t be afraid to ask for details about someone you are communicating with over the Internet / Web Cam.

3. If it has anything to do with Nigeria – Run, Fast!

4. NEVER transfer any funds through Western Union or such companies, any money you have sent can never be recovered.

5. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable executive recruiter / agency before sending your resume or any other personal details.

If you find yourself a victim of an Internet scam, cease all communication with the scammer and contact local police.


I am sick…should I go to my interview today?


You wake up sick, you knew you were sick last night, but you have an interview! What to do?

It’s NOT a good idea to go to an interview sick, you are not at your best, plus you risk getting the interviewer sick – talk about a way to leave an impression!   People that are interviewing you, are just that, people so they understand that people get sick.  Make sure to give them a call and try to get them live to let them know you are not feeling well, and rather then coming and pass germs around you’d rather reschedule the interview.   Be sure to follow up with an email.  If you don’t get the person live when you call, press 0 and speak with reception, let them know what is going on. Showing you are so proactive in taking control of a situation can leave the kind of impression you are looking to leave.

A Clever Clue to how active the job market is

Did you notice on your LinkedIN home profile, there is a link you can click that says, Who’s Viewed My Profile. Of course you did! (to the right – mid page) The number of views on your resume by recruiters, could give you an idea of how active the job market is. As HR professionals, we are always telling candidates about how fast/quick the cycle is moving at any given time, if you can see the number of views on my profile, it dipped the last two weeks of December – and I think anyone looking for a job knew that movement ground to a dribble those two weeks.

If you are curious how the active things are out there, take a look at the total views of your profile, and it should give you a good clue!

Is your Career Search 2012 Ready?


Happy New Year!

January can be one of the best times of the year to search for a job. Things are still slow until the kiddies get back in school, but that has now happened so you can expect your slowed Dec search to kick in to high gear.

It’s a great time to reach out, say Happy New Year and connect with people on LinkedIN and other social networks.