I am sick…should I go to my interview today?


You wake up sick, you knew you were sick last night, but you have an interview! What to do?

It’s NOT a good idea to go to an interview sick, you are not at your best, plus you risk getting the interviewer sick – talk about a way to leave an impression!   People that are interviewing you, are just that, people so they understand that people get sick.  Make sure to give them a call and try to get them live to let them know you are not feeling well, and rather then coming and pass germs around you’d rather reschedule the interview.   Be sure to follow up with an email.  If you don’t get the person live when you call, press 0 and speak with reception, let them know what is going on. Showing you are so proactive in taking control of a situation can leave the kind of impression you are looking to leave.


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