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Should I go to my interview today? I think I am getting a job offer


Yes, Go to the interview.  Unless you have something signed on paper, it’s a good idea to continue your interview process, and building good relationships with the people you are meeting along the way.  Keep the people you meet close by connecting on LinkedIN as you never know when you may want to reach out to them again. This is why LinkedIN was invented, so might was well join the party.

Verbal offers are nice, warm, fuzzy, but that doesn’t pay the bills. What you need is something solid, on paper before you cancel any further meetings.


What you Wish you’d Known Before the Job Interview


If your resume folder looks like this, time to upgrade!

If your resume folder looks like this one, time to put it to pasture and get a new one =)

Why 2012 is the year to make a move in your career

It's time to think about the future

2012 - Are you ready for your career this year?

If you are looking for a job or not, you have probably realized things have  picked up out there in the job market, certainly since the Holiday lull.

2012 is touted to be “the year of the move” as many companies are running on skeleton crews, the crews are finally feeling like there could be other opportunity out there.  It may not be smooth sailing out there, but the waters are looking amazing compared to the last couple of years.

Wether you are considering an internal company move, or move to an external company, take stock in what you have accomplished in the last 3 years where everyone has been heads down, and think of where you’d like to go in your next step.
Often companies like to promote internally, so talk to your boss about your interest in doing more. If it doesn’t go anywhere in the next 3-6 months, time to perhaps start networking on LinkedIn to find that career opportunity that is just right for you.