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Are you feeling like you are in an assembly line of interviews?


Have you ever felt like you were just in a line up of interview after interview, with little or no results?

Dropping in to that “black hole” and never hearing back about your job interview.  Did you follow up?

Most times if you don’t hear anything back, you can safely bet you didn’t get the job. If you do follow up, you can at least ask why, or who did get the job and what type of background they felt was a better fit- and brush up for next time – or better yet take some training in the area you were lacking.

You can try connecting with business connections on LinkedIN from the places you are applying, to see if they can put in a good word for you.  At least you will have a better chance of having your resume looked at.

Sometimes is can feel like an assembly line of interviews, but it only takes one job offer to give you the career move of a lifetime!