Monthly Archives: April 2012

Good bye Blockbuster, Good Night Rogers Video Stores


News is out, Rogers is closing down most if not all of their video stores and are going to have more of a Wireless Focus for them. With many devices now connecting WiFI, and BluRay Players with Digital Lifestyle connections (BluRay Players that have a built in network connection) it’s easy to stream video and stream to your closest HD TV)  Now, as soon as we can just apply to a company we are walking by with our smart phone or tablet, we’ll be all set!


Game Changer now coming to a WWW near you

The internet is going to be changing soon

The phrase we all know so well “.com” may be on it’s way out sooner rather then later.
For $185,000 you can now change .com or .ca to your own company domain name – example – Starbucks can now apply to have .starbucks and IBM can now have .ibm pages should they have jumped on the band wagon and applied by the March 2012 deadline. Just over 825 companies globally have applied and it will cost $25,000 yearly to maintain. Internet domains are monitored by Icann (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)a nonprofit private organization headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, United States. Stay Tuned!

Do what you love and the $$$ will follow


If you happen to be in the midst of a career change, it’s a great opportunity to really think about what you would really love to do.  If you can make money doing something you love you are set.  It makes everything worth it.  Start brainstorming, write a few things down on a note pad, read some blogs to get those creative juices going and come up with something you will love doing everyday. Find something you believe in, work hard and the money will follow.

My company ran out of funding…and I didn’t see it coming!


Your recently found out your company ran out of money….and now you are left out of a job wondering if you are going to get your last paycheque. Or perhaps they decided they are no longer in a major market and are going to refocus Now what?

It’s time to get to your networks and try to see what is going on out there, and where you can fit in.  Applying to companies where you have a similar industry is where you are going to get your quickest responses.  Don’t wait, everyone is in the same boat so the resumes will start flooding out fast and furious, be first.   Join groups on LinkedIN,  and look for jobs in the job discussion sections.  Also, add your contact information at the bottom of your profile so people aren’t shy to reach out and get their “hand slapped” by LinkedIN.  You’d be surprised the jobs you can find on Craigslist and Kijiji these days, they are FREE to post to instead of the around $600-700 Monster / Workopolis charge companies and many savy HR folks have figured this out.

And…you didn’t see it coming…?  Sometimes you have to listen to that little voice inside that tells you things might be heading the wrong way, cancelled projects, missed financial targets, key people leaving, lots of people leaving, people at 47 “retiring”, severing partner relationships, just listening to the watercooler buzz, even keeping a eye weekly on the newspaper can give you tips.  Employers like to hire people that are already working, so if you think things might be heading south where you are, get in touch and I’d be happy to help.