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Top Three things Candidates are looking for from a Company in the Recruitment Process

Often we hear about what companies/employers want from candidates.

It usually is very different then what you actually get, so be prepared.

Employers often have a laundry list of wants from their applicants, but what about the Candidates wants?

What about what the candidates? What do you deserve from the company you are applying to?

1. Not to be put in a black hole and never hear anything back, or geting a generic email back that starts with …please do not respond to this email…

2. Knowing how long the interview/recruitment process takes. At the best of times it can take 4 weeks, and even up to 10-12 weeks in some cases.

3. An easy to apply to applicant tracking system, where you don’t have to re-input the information on your resume.

Ok Candidates, any more? Let’s hear them!


How to Bomb an interview


Okay, it’s been over 6 months so I can now “laugh” about this one.  Imagine this scenario – a candidate show up for an interview – 55 mins early – to immediately share they have “run out of gas” so would like to come in and call CAA (automobile service company).  At this point things are starting to look odd – next thing the candidate shares is that his car is not really out of gas, but is still worried about not enough gas to get to the next interview downtown, and since CAA offers “free gas” why not?

Before you attend any interviews, please make sure to gas up the tank! and if you run out of gas, or are going to run out of gas, don’t share that tidbit with the person you are meeting for a potential job.

Someone with my name is doing bad stuff and its’ showing up on the Internet!

Employers may do a name search when they see a resume, will they like what they see if they search yours?

These days the Internet is used by both employers and job seekers alike to find out more information about each other. If an employer does a search on your name – often referred to as “googleing” what will they find? Hopefully all tasteful posts about your charity work, your love for animals, your career.

What would you do if you find there is an alter ego out there, with your name, posting information you wouldn’t want employers to find? You need something called Link Equity – so when an employer searches on you, they find all the good stuff about you, and realize the other profile must not be yours. Be sure to create a LinkedIN profile, make sure it speaks to the industry you are in so it’s easy to identify. If you have a long last name, try a shortened last name and a new profile. You can then put your shortened last name on the resume with your real last name in brackets. Often candidates of the resume as a legal document, and really it’s your profile, your marketing document.

An Evil Twin on line? Tell me it isn’t so!


When you are looking for a job, there is a good chance someone may consider “Googleing” you. What does that mean?  It means typing your name in Google search and seeing what articles comes up.  Often there can be people that have the same name, and could even live in the same city. It’s a great idea to type your name in, and see what comes up.  If you are aware of an “evil twin name” out there, you can be up front with employers to let them know if they do any research on you – just so they know you are not that person.  If you aren’t aware of it, you can’t warn potential employers.  If a “hit” does come back, most employers would move on rather then ask questions and you’ll never know why.

Now go Google your name!  

Stay tuned for a blog on steps you can take if you do find yourself in this situation.

Is it ok for my Dad to bring me to my interview….???

Arriving at your interview is important, but don’t bring your parents!

It’s great that good ol’ Dad or Mom has offered to give you a ride to the interview, saving parking hassels, having extra support! but please please don’t have them come up to the office with you, sit in the waiting room or be any where near the person you are interviewing with. It doesn’t give a very good impression.

Show up early, but not too early and have Dad or Mom wait in the car.