An Evil Twin on line? Tell me it isn’t so!


When you are looking for a job, there is a good chance someone may consider “Googleing” you. What does that mean?  It means typing your name in Google search and seeing what articles comes up.  Often there can be people that have the same name, and could even live in the same city. It’s a great idea to type your name in, and see what comes up.  If you are aware of an “evil twin name” out there, you can be up front with employers to let them know if they do any research on you – just so they know you are not that person.  If you aren’t aware of it, you can’t warn potential employers.  If a “hit” does come back, most employers would move on rather then ask questions and you’ll never know why.

Now go Google your name!  

Stay tuned for a blog on steps you can take if you do find yourself in this situation.


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