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I am leaving my job due to Broken Promises

Why would you consider leaving your job?

I called someone today about a job I am working on and asked the Candidate – Why are you looking at leaving his job?

His Reply – “Broken Promises”

If you are going to speak to someone in HR regarding a job, please come up with a “good” reason to be leaving your role – looking for more exciting, challenging work, room to grow, closer to home, more hours, fewer hours! Think of a few professional reasons you are looking to leave so you are ready to discuss in a more constructive way.

Q. Why are you looking to leave your role?

A. Bad – Broken Promises.

A. Good – I am looking to leave my current role as I would like to find an opportunity to complete training certifications.


Can Grammar really sink your battleship on your job application?

The short answer is No, your resume and/or job application is not likely to be tanked over a simple grammar error. For example using Too or To? Then or Than? There are very few recruiters that would discard a resume for something as simple as a grammar error, but should you be applying as an editor or a technical writer, you can bet they just might. For the average person using then or than should not cost you the job.

Using spell check is important when you are sending out communications, and remember – MS Word usually doesn’t check CAPS so make sure to be extra careful.

3 reasons I will NEVER read your resume



1. Not Capitalizing sentences in your cover letter/email

2. Seeing a picture of you on your resume

3. Glaring spelling error in your cover/email/resume

A recruiter looks at your resume in seconds, if you have any of the three above you can bet it’s not going to be more than one. If it is just an honest mistake, say using then instead of than, NO one in their right mind would delete your resume for that, but if it’s as I said, Glaring mistakes you want to avoid.

The Internet is Shutting down on Monday …?

Don’t worry, the Internet is not “shutting down” on Monday, but if you are one of 300 000 users across the globe with an unknown virus, as of Monday it will feel like the Internet is shut down for you. Go to this website now to see if you are clear
This website was set up by the FBI to help users figure out if they have been infected.

That or you’ll be sending your resume via Carrier Pigeon!