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Going to an interview Sick? – Don’t!

If you are not at your best, you are not at your best for a job interview.

If you are not feeling well, it will show in your interview so just email the day/night before and ask to reschedule.
Most people understand and appreciate you not subjecting them to hacking all over your resume (and their clip board) never mind shaking hands!

It’s ok to reschedule, really!


Fall is around the corner and the good news.. it’s a great time to be looking for a new job!

After the dog days of summer, the fall heats up to be a top recruitment time as projects are on the go.

Summer in Canada is one of the best times for everyone to get away for some Rest and Relaxation. Fall is one the best times to be looking for a job, since the R&R is over shortly and it’s going to be full steam ahead with projects.

Budgets to burn, summer delays/vacation, renewed energy after some R&R … lots of reasons, so get out and see what new career opportunity could be waiting for you

How Hiring Manager’s are like Goldilocks from the Three Bears Story

How looking for candidates can be like finding the perfect porridge…a reference to finding that elusive purple squirrel !

Hiring Manager: This is a new role so we are ‘open’ on Salary

Recruiter: Ok, here are two candidates both on different ends of the salary expectations

Hiring Manager: Ronald – he’s too junior, not enough experience and Sean – he’s too senior, want’s too way much money!

Finding the perfect candidate for our clients is finding that candiate that has “Just Enough” experience but is not too “hot” or too “cold” from the job description.

This the reason when you are writing your resume, you really need to tailor it to the job description you are applying for, so take the extra time, or you might find your self not “just right” for the role.

Are you looking for Childcare when you head back to work this Fall?

If you are … off to work I go this fall…who’s taking care of the kids?

Taking the summer off is a dream, getting back to work in the Fall is a reality for many. With that, comes child care concerns. Some employers are generous enough to offer day care assistance, but many fail in this area.

If you are starting to think about finding a nanny, check out this new site to help you get there.

What NOT to say if a Hiring Manager asks you to tell them a joke in an interview.

Sometimes hiring managers will have questions to get to you know you – some off the wall hiring managers may ask you to tell them a joke. Here is one that I wouldn’t recommend responding with.

Wrapping up the interview..Hiring Manager – so tell me a joke? Candidate….with out missing a beat…I can’t think of a joke but I heard a story today on the radio that was pretty funny, a guy got hit in the balls by lightning.

This is a true story – the interview anyway.