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Your ‘transferable skills’ … and how to use them to get what you want in a job interview.

You can bring your career skills with you as you grow from job to job.

Are you a team player? or do you work better alone? Most employers want to hear about how you are a 100% team player, but are also able to work alone when/if necessary. These days being adaptable is a skill all employers are looking for. Think about what you have had success with in the past, and be sure to share that in any interviews you attend. Have specific examples of where you have shown strength in an area, a specific project, and what you did. They aren’t hiring the team, they are hiring you!


#NightforRights @ROMToronto – Check it out since not everyone has the freedom of the press

Not everyone has the same freedom of information as Canada

We take it for granted how we can blog about what ever we want, and have freedom of the press, but not everyone in the world shares the same freedom.

This Thursday night in Toronto there is an event sponsoring just that – the Rights for Journalists to write about Human Rights Stories. Night for Rights at the ROM this Friday  or get in touch on Twitter with @clairehastings

Check out the website for more information at and get involved.

On Thursday September 27th, 2012, don’t miss one of Toronto’s best fundraising parties and your opportunity to inspire change worldwide.

For the past nine years Toronto’s media community has come together on one night for one great cause: human rights awareness through media development in sub-Saharan Africa. This year’s Night for Rights Gala will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Canada’s largest media development organization, Journalists for Human Rights.
Known as the only fundraising event of its kind, Night for Rights has earned its reputation as one of Toronto’s best parties.

Twitter 101

How do you use Twitter for your job search?

Often when I meet people looking for jobs, and I mention they should be using Twitter I get a Gasp and some Wide Eyes.
Using Twitter is Easy and it’s Free and it’s growing in popularity with recruiters posting roles.

How to search Twitter to find a job
Go to Twitter and sign up for a free account
The hardest part is thinking of a user name, your first initial and last name always works
Hashtags # are used to help sort and file information on Twitter
Type in the search string #toronto (or any other city) and #job and you’ll see all the jobs in the city that are posted


Why quitting a job after day one is a REALLY bad move for your career

Showing people you are a quitter after one day is not a good career move.

1. Quitting after day one means you probably didn’t think too much about the role, or you didn’t do much/if any research.
Signing an offer letter is a commitment from you to your new employer, so take it serious and do your thinking/researching BEFORE you accept.

2. You may unknowingly set a pattern for yourself, where you will accept any job offer that comes by and perhaps miss out on the perfect opportunity that IS out there for you. Don’t sell yourself and your employer short and take the first thing that comes by.

3. You never want to burn a bridge. If ever asked about a referral you can imagine how that conversation would go…so make sure you really think about any offers you do accept, ask questions along the way to ensure you know what you are signing up for.

4. You may be able to work through any issues you are concerned about and come out even better on the other side and giving yourself a chance to work through issues rather than run away after one day.

5. The employer has by then let the other applicants go and now will have to start the whole recruitment process from scratch as no one wants to be hired as “last choice”. It’s better NOT to accept the offer and let the employer proceed with another candidate who is actually interested in the opportunity.

Taking Time to Relax for the Long weekend is good for your Career

Time away from Work is a Good thing!

We owe we owe so off to work we go….but taking some time to relax is important to recharge yourself. Often we heard of how countries in Europe had weeks, months off…well…enough said. As North American’s we don’t get months of time off, and often weeks are split up to attend weddings, family functions, all sorts of stuff. That’s why on Long Weekends it’s important when you can to rest and charge up for the next stretch ahead before our next break.