5 things you should know about your Head Hunter

Whats in a good Head Hunter Anyway?

With many companies going the way of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

ie Apply on line please , companies get hundreds if not thousands of resumes for one single job posting. How are you able to jump the line and get noticed? Working with a reputable recruiter can save time help you jump the line, but make sure you know you are dealing with first.

1. How many years has the recruiter been in business? If they have less than five you’d better hope they are paired with a more senior recruiter.

2. How responsive are they to you? You can bet they are the same on the other end of the recruiting process.

3. Do they have a niche area? or do they “do everything”? Niche is best, they likely have the strongest bonds in the industry they work in.

4. How many connections on LinkedIn? Any recommendations? Active in LinkedIn groups you are interested in yourself?

5. How long have they worked with each client they have? Do they Churn and Burn? or are they in it for the long haul?

If you can manage to get a few words in with your head hunter in these areas, it should give you a good idea if you should proceed with a relationship of personal job shopper/representative because your career is serious business so find an agent that will represent you well.


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