5 Tips to Ace the Job Interview …and stand out from the rest of the crowd

When a job is open you can bet there are a number of candidates being considered. You have to stand out to be selected.

1. Research the company you are going to meet – if they are public, check the records/stock prices. Know who they compete with and any major events in the industry. Try to mention in your interview, drop a tidbit so they know you are in the know.

2. Dress UP from what you would wear to work every day. A suit means that the pants match the jacket – that was drilled in to me working for years at UPS.

3. Look up who you are meeting on LinkedIn – scope the background, find out if you have any common connections. Do they have a Blog or Twitter account, may give you insight.

4. Review the Job Description before you go in, and POINT BY POINT write down past experiences in bullets so you are ready to review them in the interview. Know details, the names of software you used. Remember the details while you have time, not when you are face to face with HR looking like a deer in headlights.

5. At the end of the interview, stand up, shake the person’s hand (firmly – see post on Handshake) look them in the eye and say Thank you for meeting me, I am very interested in the role and I hope to hear from you soon.

Most people do not do 4 out of 5, so if you do all 5 you will be already standing out from the crowd.

Good Luck!


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