Don’t let loosing your job #breakyourheart

Don’t let loosing your job break your heart

WordPress site stats allow for me to see what search terms are used to find my blog. Yesterday I saw one that inspired me to write a post today … about how not to let loosing your job break your heart.

It can feel heartbreaking, like the world is ending when you lose your job unexpectedly. There is a good chance you got some soft of parting financial package, if not, make sure you apply to EI right away. Take control and do something towards your job search every day.
Get help on your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, upload your resume on Workopolis and Monster, and any other job sites you can find that target your respective industry. Reach out to friends, go out for lunch, keep in touch with the circle. If you find you are really having trouble, you can hire a career coach to help you with the transition.  Also, reach back to your old HR Manager and ask if they have an Employee Assistance Program phone number you can call in to for advice and assistance.

Stay positive and try volunteering to stay active and keep the resume fresh and current.


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