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Have you completed your AODA training? It’s due by the end of this year if you work in Ontario…

How Can I Help?

We are all Able!

If you are not aware of what AODA training is, and you work in a company of more than 20 people in Ontario – get in touch with your HR person right away. AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities) is training for customer service reps, and others that interact with your customers on how to provide service a person with a disability. 1 our of 7 people in Ontario are living with a Disability and with the population ageing, this number is only going to increase.

The best way to interact with a person with a disability is to ask them – How Can I Help You?

That will get you off to a great start. Don’t consider the person “disabled”. They are a Person First – a person with a disability.

There is on-line training material you can review, takes about 45 Minutes Рyou can go to Ministries website and get started now