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Chances are you are really slow at work today ….

Having good posture at Work is Important

If you are reading this at work today, chances are it’s pretty slow. Take a few minutes and see if your set up at your desk is ergonomically correct. Yes, you can do this yourself. Make sure your arms are at a 90 degree angle – adjust your chair height to make sure – this is the first step. Try to spread your mouse pad away from your keyboard to make sure you aren’t cramped. Order a headset! and ask if they have an Ergonomic keyboard while you are at it. You should be looking straight ahead at your screen, if you are looking up or down ask IT if they can help you adjust the monitor. Take a 30 seconds to stretch every 30 minutes you sit down. Schedule your self a stretching break in your online calendar.


#HappyHolidays Everyone

Happy Holidays and Good Job Searches

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Good Career Luck in the New Year for 2013