Why Networking is good for your #career

Networking is Good for your Career


Networking is work. Most of us don’t network enough, but why is it important in your career?

We have all seen the recent power of social networking, but don’t forget the good old get out there and meet people networking. Putting a name to a face increases the relationship even if it’s only been a one time meet.   Get out of your comfort zone and sign up for industry groups, even a book club, or photography course. Networking can be done anywhere.  Make a point to connect with people you meet on Social Media so you can stay in touch.

When you have a strong network you are able to find answers to questions, get different opinions and keep your ear to the ground about new opportunities, as well as others who may be looking for work that you can help. Who knows when they will return the favour!  You will get out what you put in to your Networking, so start tonight by going for #HappyHour


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