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Time to book your #SummerVacation – It’s the law, didn’t you know?

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Time to start planning your Summer Vacation!

Spring is finally here. Summer is around the corner. It never seems to be a “good time” at work to take a break from your projects, but it’s very important to come back feeling fresh. Something we’ve done over the last few years, is picked a week (or two) in the calendar for a summer and winter vacation. Once the time comes, it’s always hectic but once finally away, the vacation can start!  It’s good to get out of your regular routine and take a break from the everyday.

Did you know that the employment standards act actually mandates you have a two week vacation from work a year as long as you work in a full time role. You earn vacation as you work; you don’t start with a bank of vacation. If you have earned your vacation this year, go ahead and book a cottage this summer for a week. You won’t regret it, and hey, it’s the law! Just make sure you pre-approve the date range with your boss to ensure clients won’t be impacted and vacations can be managed.


April Showers …. can bring a fresh start to your #Career


It’s certainly raining this April, and certain to bring May flowers!!

Seasonal change can be a great time to make other small changes in your work life balance. Try to make one small change you can incorporate the rest of the year.

Take a longer walk route to work, take some extra stairs, take time to smell those May flowers.  With more sunlight before and after work, check in to outside activities you can join. Even just a small change can give you the extra energy you need to make it through the work day.