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Starting a job Search – 5 tips to avoid the throwing pennies in the ocean approach

So you’ve decided to start a job search, good for you.  Fall is a great time to look, after the summer months have come to an end, people are back to business before December Holidays arrive.

Software used to accept resumes, accepts all resumes so expect some volume out there. Due to volume it can feel like you are throwing pennies in the ocean waiting to get a response. Easily there could be 100’s of resumes that apply to the posting – how do you get noticed?

  1. Make sure your resume is tailored to the job, at least your objective should be tweaked to align to the role you are applying for
  2. Do your research on the company, check recent blogs, twitter activity and mention any specific projects or technology of recent mention
  3. Reach out to people in your network who work there, or have worked there for intel on company culture and to see if you can get a referral in
  4. Don’t be afraid to go in cold, contact directly the person responsible for hiring or the person listed on the job posting through email or via a polite phone reach out.  Mention the specific job ID number posted in the listing
  5. Follow up on your application