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April Showers …. can bring a fresh start to your #Career


It’s certainly raining this April, and certain to bring May flowers!!

Seasonal change can be a great time to make other small changes in your work life balance. Try to make one small change you can incorporate the rest of the year.

Take a longer walk route to work, take some extra stairs, take time to smell those May flowers.  With more sunlight before and after work, check in to outside activities you can join. Even just a small change can give you the extra energy you need to make it through the work day. 


Was this person applying to the right #job?

Was this person applying to the right #job?

Hi im a 23 year old female who youd love to have an opporrunity to meet with you for the reception position. If you would consider this, pkease inform me directly at … … ….

I think this person was meaning to be in strictly platonic or missed connections not in the jobs section of Craigslist!!

Variety is the spice and fact of life!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the spice and fact of life! Now I can’t say I coined the phrase but it did ring true with me when I once read it. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and realize that everyone communicates differently, some are more direct, some indirect. The best way to communicate is to remember that we all  communicate differently, so take that in account  next time you are delivering or receiving an important message.

Why Networking is good for your #career

Networking is Good for your Career


Networking is work. Most of us don’t network enough, but why is it important in your career?

We have all seen the recent power of social networking, but don’t forget the good old get out there and meet people networking. Putting a name to a face increases the relationship even if it’s only been a one time meet.   Get out of your comfort zone and sign up for industry groups, even a book club, or photography course. Networking can be done anywhere.  Make a point to connect with people you meet on Social Media so you can stay in touch.

When you have a strong network you are able to find answers to questions, get different opinions and keep your ear to the ground about new opportunities, as well as others who may be looking for work that you can help. Who knows when they will return the favour!  You will get out what you put in to your Networking, so start tonight by going for #HappyHour

How to start a New Career in the New Year #2013

How to start off a New Career in the New Year

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

Take 2013 to be the year you advance your career. You can either advance internally, or externally if you find there is nowhere to go in terms of growth where you are. Start with trying to move internally first, apply to jobs in other departments to show interest, speak to HR about potential roles coming up, you have to put yourself out there. Make sure you have an updated resume. Try a visual resume just for fun. You have to spend time everyday doing something to help your career move forward. Schedule time in your calendar if you find it’s tough to carve out time during the day.

You can take self-training on-line if your company doesn’t offer paid training, or check with your local Collage or University to see what they offer.

You may even meet some interesting people who can help you with your new career.

Is your company downsizing?

If your company is starting to talk about downsizing…get ready to find a new job


If your company has been “downsizing” you may want to look for a job before you get your walking papers, or face being in a sea of candidates with similar backgrounds. The good jobs out there get picked over first based on who knows who – so take control of your career and start your job search as soon as you catch wind of a downsize. Following the newspapers is a good indication of market conditions, so make it a practise to know what’s going on around you.

Join LinkedIn and the associated groups to network and learn about your industry.

Attend industry events, often you can find free ones, or opt to host one.

Put your contact information on the bottom of your LinkedIn so headhunters can contact you.

You want to get ahead of the race on this one!

Ready Set, GO!

5 Tips to Ace the Job Interview …and stand out from the rest of the crowd

When a job is open you can bet there are a number of candidates being considered. You have to stand out to be selected.

1. Research the company you are going to meet – if they are public, check the records/stock prices. Know who they compete with and any major events in the industry. Try to mention in your interview, drop a tidbit so they know you are in the know.

2. Dress UP from what you would wear to work every day. A suit means that the pants match the jacket – that was drilled in to me working for years at UPS.

3. Look up who you are meeting on LinkedIn – scope the background, find out if you have any common connections. Do they have a Blog or Twitter account, may give you insight.

4. Review the Job Description before you go in, and POINT BY POINT write down past experiences in bullets so you are ready to review them in the interview. Know details, the names of software you used. Remember the details while you have time, not when you are face to face with HR looking like a deer in headlights.

5. At the end of the interview, stand up, shake the person’s hand (firmly – see post on Handshake) look them in the eye and say Thank you for meeting me, I am very interested in the role and I hope to hear from you soon.

Most people do not do 4 out of 5, so if you do all 5 you will be already standing out from the crowd.

Good Luck!

Good News have an Interview..Bad News..You are SICK

I often see the search terms that people use to find my site, and a popular one is – should I go to my interview sick.

Do not go to an interview sick. Reschedule, HR prefers not to meet anyone sick, so they will not mind if you send a note asking to reschedule in a few days, unless it’s an urgent role. Ask if it would be ok to reschedule, if not then you’ll certainly attend.

To do your best you have to feel your best, so don’t go in sick!

Calling all Web Developers …OO….OO….OO

Looking for a fantastic web development job that is focused on OO technologies….please reach out




I currently have a client looking to hire a Senior Web Developer downtown #Toronto. These days all software applications, if they want to survive, have to move to the cloud, work with mobile, tablets, the web! So we are on the hunt to find a web developer who is well versed in Object Orientated code who can help with the mission. Experience with Java and/or C++ or C# are desired. Please send your resume to for additional details.

Updating your LinkedIn with your new job is like going to “in a relationship” on FB

LinkedIn keep your career updated to the world

When we see a candidate update their linkedIN status with the new job, we breath a sigh of relief. It’s a tell tale sign things are going well. Just like when you see someone update their FB status to “in a relationship” – that’s not done until things have been scoped out and it’s looking good!

Once you move roles and you feel well set up, do change your status and update your duties. Keep Connected with your Career!