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Don’t Kick the S out of someone else’s Business … if you can help it!

Be as up front as you can on timing when negotiating contracts

Don’t Kick the S out of someone else’s Business¬†

If  you are new to contracting let me give you a few tips, since I am not new to this industry, or to life, LOL

1. Be upfront with everyone you are negotiating an opportunity with – let them know of possible risks so they can balance timing. I always ask candidates if they have other contract opportunities and it’s good to share with your recruiter/HR person so they can help manage expectation on the other side. It helps to preserve a relationship down the road if you are up front with people.

2. Don’t keep things too close to your chest, if you have a concern, bring it up – many times it can be dealt with. Rates, Timing, Renewals Terms, Parking – all things that can be negotiated. Location is one things that’s hard to negotiate – so watch out for long winter drives coming soon to a GTA location near you.

3. When you are in a referral situation (someone you know in your industry has refered you) be extra cautious not to cause any negative impacts to their relationships by your actions.

4. Get a really good accountant up front and keep ALL receipts so you can write them off, they can also help you set up your incorporation if you don’t want to do it yourself on-line.

5. Once you have provided your incorporation information and received your contract now you can start to decline any other opportunities. When you do decline, do so as quickly as possible, don’t let other projects hang in jeopardy if you can help it. It does take time to let everyone know what is going on, but if they have taken the time to help you it’s the least you can do.

Happy Contracting Everyone~